Moving an object towards a clicked object

I’ve been attempting to code a situation where the player is represented by StarShip in the code and when you click on an in-game object, the StarShip moves to the object’s position that was clicked on and stops. The code I have right now though has this error where StarShip just slides and never actually stops at the object’s position that was clicked on. Any help would be great.

//StarShip is the object that is moving when the user left-clicks.
var StarShip: Transform;
var PlanetLocX; //The X coordinate of the object StarShip is moving to.
var PlanetLocY;
var PlanetLocZ;
var isClicked: boolean = false;

function OnMouseDown () {
    PlanetLocX = transform.position.x;
    PlanetLocY = transform.position.y;
    PlanetLocZ = transform.position.z;
    isClicked = true;

function Update() {
	if(isClicked == true){
		//Move StarShip to the clicked object's position.
		StarShip.Translate(PlanetLocX* Time.deltaTime, PlanetLocY* Time.deltaTime, PlanetLocZ* Time.deltaTime);

Try lerping to the position while they are clicking: