Moving an object with Clicking GUI Button

Hello, i have some problem with moving an object with GUI Button
i had search and tried a lot of ways but it not successful…

What i tried to do is, how to make an object move(not snapping) into some point i appointed with GUI Button click…

i make the GUI, and i make this code

function OnGUI() {

  if(GUI.Button(Rect(50,300,70,30),"Attack 1")){
	 GameObject.Find("brawler_armoured").transform.position.x = -7;
	 GameObject.Find("brawler_armoured").transform.position.y = -1.5;
	 //Controller.Move(MoveSpeed*5) * Time.deltaTime;

with this code, my object could change position, to the point, but what i want is they move to there…
i really confused, my friend ask me to use time.deltatime…
but every time i look for the tutorial all using function Update() and the tutorial always about w,a,s,d key…

please anyone help me, or if it’s aldy answered and the problem is just the same, please give me the link :slight_smile: thanks before.

Easiest thing is to use a tweening library, such as HOTween or iTween. They have movement functions, both their documentation is pretty good.

Alternatively, you could lerp the location yourself, the example here is pretty close to what you’re looking for: