Moving Assets / Packages From Unity 5 To 4 ?

Hello There ,

I have a Unity Pro Subscription / License and i am trying to export prefabs / assets / objects with a package from Unity 5 on one computer to Unity 4 on another computer and it does import them into the project but they do not work as if they are missing something / does not recognize them as objects .

My Question is - Is There any way i could get this to work without upgrading my unity 4 to 5 aswell ? ( have issues with unity 5 )

Thanks In Advance ,


Unity 4.x cannot read projects created with 5.x.

Prefabs and Scenes created (and possibly modified) with Unit5 appear not to be able to be understood by Unity4.

You could create a project and put assets folder to it, but now in UnityScript many things have changed in unity5, I mean how functions from classes like NetworkView and GameObject are called. So it is possible, but you will have to half rewrite many scripts