Moving character controller to object, Change the position of the object while walking with out following the object

Im having a problem with the controls for a first person a point and click style game (self.Unity3D)
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Hi i have a logical problem
im using a tablet to control a First Person characters movement on a computer. it’s like a point and click game in it’s interaction. Im sending over my interaction on the tablet with RPC calls i have an object (called selector) on the computer that acts like the mouse pointer in the game world. I control it by moving my finger around on the tablet and the object on the computer follows. When i double tap the screen, my character moves to the point of the selector. this works

//move is a boolean that gets its state from the double tapp on the tablet
move = getValues.startMoving; 

// setTargetPoint is the position in the space where i want my character to move to. selector is the object     thats acts like a mouse pointer for the tablet

if(move == true){

    var setTargetPoint = selector.transform.position;

      //im using a very simple character controller code to move the player


my problem begins now. While my character is moving from one the start position to the targetPoint. i would like to be able to move the selector around. But the character the changes direction towards the selectors new position. I think it’s because that move still = true and setTargetPoint updates every frame of the position of the selector. But i still cant solve the problem. i guess i need to set move to false again and if move = false setTargetPoint != selector.transform.position;
but i cant figure out where and how to write it

solved it by my self

the problem wast that move.getvalues was being set to true from another script. so it didnt matter how many times i set it to false in my script. But it never showed up in print because it switched between true and false so quickly that the print said it was false all the time.


i had to throw in a third vector that wasent connected to the waypoint(selector) but to setTargetPoint

this is how the code looks now

move = getValues.startMoving;
    if(move == true){
        setTargetPoint = wayPoint.transform.position;


        targetPoint = setTargetPoint;


    if(move == false){

        setTargetPoint = targetPoint;


and in the other script i sent back the value of move
startMoving = getValues.move;