Moving file failed " Temp/MaxCommandPipe failed: Access is denied"

Moving file failed
Temp/UnityTempWriteStringToFile-long string of numbers and characters
to Temp/MaxCommandPipe failed: Access is denied.

I’m trying to get assets from one of my projects into a different project.

If I select the files and export as a unity package, and import into my project, I get this error for all of the .max files.

And the imported .mat files get this error when I try to use them:

Creating unique file
Creating file
failed. Please ensure that there is enough disk space and you have permissions setup correctly.

I have also tried simply moving the folders, but this produces the exact same results.

I’m on Windows XP, using my Administrator account with full rights.

In the editor after hitting “Cancel” on all the errors, I have these warnings:

3ds Max couldn't convert the max file to an fbx file
Try exporting the max file to an fbx file manually.

This however does not adress my .mat files, and is still an issue due to the fact that I need to be able to move files between projects without having to manually open every single .max file and export again for over hundreds of models.

FBX converter doesnt accept .max files as input for batch converting.

Run it as admin maybe it couldn’t access users if didn’t work try reinstalling if didn’t work try download anther version i hope this help