Moving from one scene to another using in-game menu


I want to present the player with two choices in a menu in dialogue. When the player presses the button under description for one, it brings him to the appropriate level. As well as a second option to a new level using a GUI box with text and buttons.

How do I do this?

I’m having lots of issues of even trying to send a player to a new level with Application.LoadLevel(“scene”);

Make sure you add all of your scenes to the Build Settings. Add this to a script on a game object.

function OnGUI() {
	if (GUI.Button( new Rect( 0,0, 100, 50 ), "Goto Level 1")) {
	if (GUI.Button( new Rect( 0,50, 100, 50 ), "Goto Level 2")) {

I have a question. I’m using dastardly bananas gun package, and whenever I left click it shoots instead of loading what the player clicked on