moving individual vertices

the example in the scripting reference moves all the vertices at ones i was trying to move individual verts by them self’s to create a spiky sphere i get a cant convert vector3 to vector vector3 error i know what it means but im new to programming and i don’t know how to do this…

 var mesh : Mesh = GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh;
        var vertices : Vector3 = mesh.vertices;
            vertices = Vector3(1,1,1) * Time.deltaTime;
	mesh.vertices = vertices;

mesh.vertices is a list of vertices, so it is noted as Vector3
Whenever you want to get the mesh.vertices and store them in your variable
your target variable simply must be of type Vector3 or you can’t possibly store it

So you’ll need:
var vertices : Vector3 = mesh.vertices;
// This list of vertices can be looped through
// and isnide the loop you will have acces to each
// vertex, one at a time
for(var i : int = 0 ; i < vertices.Length ; ++i )
// Multiply each vertex in the sphere by a random value
// if a vertex is already (0,0,0) it will of course not change.
vertices *= Random.value;
mesh.vertices = vertices;
Hope that helps… good luck on learning some programming :slight_smile: be sure to search some tutorials about the basics if you don’t know about for loops and such yet. There’s an insane amount of good introductory tutorials to be found online for virtually any programming language.