Moving object along with raycast

I’m a newbie in Unity. I’m working on a small game like Bubble Shooter and I have a question: How can I fire a ball in exactly a ray which I aimed (reflection line as well) like an image below? I can draw a ray to aim but I do not know how to fire ball in a way though I searched a lot of posts on the internet. How do I do this?
Thank you so much! I’m looking for your answer

Hi! I’m not sure if I understood the part with the reflection line, but to just shoot the ball in the direction you aimed you could do the following: Make a empty GameObject and add your line as a child. Rotate the newly made GameObject in game as you want, instatiate the “projectile” and use AddRelativeForce(transform.up * whatEverYourForceIs); (assuming you are using 2D and a Rigidbody) on the projectiles Rigidbody to shoot it forward.

Now to the reflection line: If I got it right you just want the ball to bounce off walls? In this case just add colliders to the walls, and assign a PhysicsMaterial to the with bounce = 1 (or whatever you want). I hope I got it right, but since no one seems to give an answer I decided to try it…