Moving object flickers in 2d endless runner game

I’m developing 2d endless runner type game. moving objects like obstacles, coins flickers when they comes into the scene. I’ve set texture type to advance. pixel per unit to 50.

Reducing Pixel Per Ratio solved my problem. Previously it was 100, I reduced it to 50.

Changing the canvas’ Reference Pixels Per Unit from 100 to 50 didn’t work at all for me. I am running Unity 5.1 on a Galaxy Tab3 Android 4.2.2 for a 2D game that’s almost al UI elements. The flickering happens when I try to play a simple idle animation on a UI Image object. The whole screen flickers very badly even though the Image object is pretty small and stays in the lower left corner.

use Anti-aliasing technique for coins, if you don’t know about it search in google about Anti-aliasing.