Moving object with constant speed

Hi guys i am like making a sort of 3D platform game and i want to give my “Gamer” (which is the moving part) a constant speed so you only have to jump, my question is if there’s a sort of script which lets my gamer advance with a constant speed.

ty in advance (BTw i’m using java)

What’s your character? A CharacterController? A Rigidbody? You must use one of them to have automatic collision detection - preferably the CharacterController, since Rigidbodies may react physically to collisions, spinnig or changing direction.

Add a CharacterController to your character and use a script like this to control it (player script):

var speed: float = 4.0; // move speed
var jumpSpeed: float = 8.0; // initial jump speed
var turnSpeed: float = 90; // turn 90 degrees per second
var gravity: float = 9.8;

private var cc: CharacterController;
private var vSpeed: float;

function Update(){
  // rotates the character according to the horizontal axis (A-D):
  transform.Rotate(0, Input.GetAxis("Horizontal")*turnSpeed*Time.deltaTime, 0);
  var moveDir = transform.forward * speed; // calculate the horizontal speed
  if (!cc) cc = GetComponent(CharacterController); // get the CharacterController
  if (cc.isGrounded){ // when grounded...
    vSpeed = 0.0;  // vSpeed is zero...
    if (Input.GetButtonDown("Jump")){ // unless the character jumps
      vSpeed = jumpSpeed; 
  vSpeed -= gravity*Time.deltaTime; // apply a physically correct gravity
  moveDir.y = vSpeed; // add the vertical speed
  cc.Move(moveDir*Time.deltaTime); // and finally move the character

//Script attached to platform

    var speed : float = 0.1;
    var maxHeight : float;
    var minHeight : float;
    function FixedUpdate(){
        //Move Platform Down
        if (transform.position.y > maxHeight)
             transform.position.y -= speed;
        //Move Platform Up
        else if (transform.position.y < minHeight)
             transform.positioin.y +=speed;