Moving objects into a circle

I am making a FPC Submarine, and thought it would look cool if it had long capsules attatched around the hull. So if I removed the Capsule that is the hull, the other capsules would be in a circle facing the x or z cordinets. Kinda hard to explain I know, Im sorry. I tried to make it myself but it looks uneven. I want a perfect circle.

As I understand, you want to make them retain equal distances from each other while lying on the circumference.
If you want them to do that while you are working in editor, you will need to learn how to Extend the editor.

you would need to use the following two functions and perhaps try with @script ExecuteInEditMode for java and [ExecuteInEditMode()] for c#

  1. capsule.transform.LookAt() //to make them face the particular spot in world

  2. capsule.transform.RotateAround() to rotate te capsules in an orbit around the spot in world