moving objects into position (timeline)

So say that one of my NPC’s has a timeline attached to him.

In this timeline the Player does an animation and the NPC reacts to that animation (So the timeline controls the player and the NPC at the same time (ensure that both of their respective animations are synced)

Now for this to work I have to move either the NPC or the player into the right position. However this can be challenging as they move around the scene.

is there a way to make sure that the two objects are always in the same distance from one another and that they are looking in the right direction?

I can’t seem to find a good solution to this. Can anyone help me out?

u could create a simple script to calculate the distance between the two objects in the editor usingVector3.Distance(transform.position, targettrans.position); and change values as nessecary. once done simply make the changes as needed in the timeline (pause timeline before u apply changes ). as for number 2: u can either use the line of code: Vector3.RotateTowards(transform.position, targettrans.position, 90, -90); or ik animation aka joint system, theres some great turtorials made by brackeys and unity on youtube: links; brackeys turt , unity turt