Moving objects on array individual problem to add start position

Hi, I’m trying to move individually objects I made in an array in start function.
Problem is when I’m moving them:

for(int j = 0; j < obiekty.Length; j++)
Vector3 poruszanie = obiekty[j].transform.Find ("" + drogaDoKosci).transform.position; //taking bone from mesh to move
poruszanie.y = Mathf.Lerp (poruszanie.y, (value[j] * wysokosc), Time.deltaTime * czas);
obiekty[j].transform.Find ("" + drogaDoKosci).transform.position = poruszanie; //moving bone with function

That’s working if all objects in array coordinates are (x,0,z). But if I’m using (x, 0 + (more for each one), z) they Instantiating correctly but bone is starting always from 0 because value is range(0,1).
I’ve tried to catch once an start position:

startPoz = obiekty[j].transform.position;

but I cannot add it correctly to function above.

So my question is how can I add start coordinates to value function individually for each object?

I’m really not an expert, but i think there are better ways to do what you are doing.
BUT a simple straight solution to this would be to use a multi dimensional Array
An array of arrays.


 Vector3[,] array2D = new Vector3[,] { {StartPosition, CurrentPosition } };

I’m new to C# so this could be wrong.

You maybe want to use a list:

Problem solved, it looks like problem was with an experimental blender version and rotation issue while exporting so i wasn’t able to use properly local position. After I manually rotated object in blender everythink is ok.