Moving objects when timescale is high, which .time to use ?

Hi all

I want to iteratevely run my game a lot of times, so i want to have my time scale at least at 20. The problem is that this affects my two moving objects in my tower defence game, the enemies and the bullets from the tower, causing me to get very different game results from when i was running with timescale = 1

I use to move them inside Update like this:

transform.position += dir * speed * Time.deltaTime;

However, the high timeScale affects deltaTime and i get different results. I already tried some other times, like Time.smoothedDeltaTime or with 1/Time.timeScale , but it doesnt seem to work. Also i am randomly trying, since i don’t really grasp the Time concepts within unity.

My goal is to have my level run a hundred times so i can gather some data (e.g enemies survived), so i dont really care how it looks, but more about just finishing the level faster.

For Time.timeScale != 0

transform.position += dir * speed * Time.deltaTime * 1 / Time.timeScale;