Moving Platform

in my game I want to make a platform (cube) move between two objects, bouncing back and forth at at all times so my first person controller can get on it and move across to a different set of land can i please have a script to make it do that i havent figured one out yet. Thank you

Just make a script to move the platform - the First Person Controller prefab already can ride moving platforms: if you jump over a moving platform, the FPC will move with it as you would expect.

There are several alternatives to create a moving platform - this is one of the easiest ways:

var amplitude: float = 5; // platform excursion (+/- 5 units, in this case)
var speed: float = 0.2; // movements per second
var direction: Vector3 = Vector3.forward; // direction relative to the platform
private var p0: Vector3;

function Start(){
  p0 = transform.position;
  while (true){
    // convert direction to local space
    var dir = transform.TransformDirection(direction);
    // set platform position:
    transform.position = p0+amplitude*dir*Mathf.Sin(6.28*speed*Time.time);
    yield; // let Unity free till the next frame

Create a Unity’s cube, adjust its dimensions and add this script to it, then tweak the parameters speed, amplitude and direction - the last one is a vector that defines the movement direction relative to the platform.

If you don’t like iTween, use an AnimationCurve. The result of Evaluate will be between 0 an 1, you can use it in a Lerp.

Use itween, it´s free :slight_smile: iTween for Unity by Bob Berkebile (pixelplacement)

whats the 6.28 in there for?