Moving skateboard up an incline surface such as a ramp wtc

Hi there, I’ve just started using Unity recently to produce a skateboading game project with my co-student so please bear with me, as I have minimal coding skills. I have been looking at an issue that Ive had with smoothly translating a boards movement up an incline (a ramp) of a max angle of 90degrees.
At the moment we are using a rigid body with an applied force along with a box collider, as stated before our coding skills are still at a novice level so we have minimal code to show you guys sorry.
We have been experimenting with javascript and have looked into aspects such as raycasting etc but still no results that come to our standards.
We would learn to understand and begin coding from the very start but my co student and I are on a strict timelimit and would just not have enough time to learn all that we would need to start it from scratch. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

As long as both the ramp and the board have colliders and rigidbodies then you should just be able to add a force to the board and watch it fly right up the ramp.

function PushBoard()
    rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.forward * 10);  // replace 10 with whatever force you want to add.