Moving the project

I tried to transfer all files to another computer just by copying the project folder. Scripts are broken, materials are broken, nothing works. Tried to delete the project on second computer, made a unity package consisting all the files from the first one. Nothing. Other project was trasnferred without any losses, just by copying the folder. Unity version on both computers are the same. What do i have to do?

Although this is an old question, it still comes up first when searching for “unity moving project”, and I think it deserves a working answer for the people who land here in the future.

To copy / move a Unity project:

  1. Enable Version Control Meta Files in Editor Settings
  2. This will add a .meta file for each file and folder in your project.
  3. When copying, do not copy the Library folder or the Temp folder (if at all exists).
  4. In most normal circumstances, you only need to copy the Assets and ProjectSettings folders.
  5. After copying and opening in Unity, it will automatically generate the Library folder based on your meta files.

If this is a one-time thing, the safest method is to export the project as a package. Then reimport it into a new project on the other computer. Unity takes care of all the links and meta data.

If you’re going to do it frequently, consider using a version control system. I use git. It’s a little complicated, but it works well for me. Subversion is perhaps simpler and also free (open source).

As of 29/3/2020 this didn’t work for me, as a branch new user to Unity.

I had to include the library folder too, otherwise none of my objects would appear. Only directional light and camera were present in the scene. I did have the version control on, and could see the .meta files. Plus I tried copying with hidden files displayed, but it made no difference.

Thought I’d share for anyone else having the same issue.

Copying the project folder is correct. Copy the entire thing, don’t try to leave anything out. If you did that, then maybe it’s a file permissions error…zip the project folder, copy over the zip file, unzip on second computer.

You need to copy the Library/ folder along with Assets/, so that the asset database can be reconstructed. Or if you have the pro version, enable the generation of .meta files.