MP CORE billing

Just started to use multiplay hosting
Start and stop my server to make some connections tests
The billing indicates 6 hours usage of MP CORE an MP RAM but i used them only few minuts, less than 30mn
Is that stats take into account the build upload time , even if server is not started ?
I see only that time that couls explain the 6 hours
Thanks for the info

Hi there, when a server is Available, even when not allocated, it will incur billing costs. This is because we are running a machine awaiting for an allocation. To help reduce costs by switching off hardware when not in use, we advise to update your Fleet scaling settings to have a min available servers of Zero which will stop any running hardware. To force it quicker, you can set the Max to zero, or set your fleet to Offline, but you will need to increase that to allow allocations.

I hope that helps.