Mp3 license on Unity and filter mp3

Hi, I have a question about license, I know that mp3 decoding is subject to license, now I use OnAudioFilterRead, here’s example:

public var gain : float;
function OnAudioFilterRead(var data:float[], var channels:int) {
    for (var i = 0; i < data.Length; ++i)
        data <em>= data _* gain;_</em> 

well it’s clear that “var data” contain raw (a.k.a. decoded) audio, so if I use extern mp3 and I use unity like music player I should pay royalty… or Unity have get already paid?

Unity converts audio to Ogg vorbis format for use on PC and Mac. On iOS and Android, Unity will use mp3, since the hardware has a decoder for mp3 files.

If you are accessing decoded MP3 data in your software, you should contact an attorney to advise you. As far as I know, no members of this community are able to offer legal advice.