.mpeg/.mpg not recognized in Unity?

I’ve got a splash screen movie made in 3DS Max and I’m having problems importing it as a .mpg or .mpeg. When I import the movie as either of those file types, it shows up blank in Unity. When I import it as a .avi, it works fine, but the quality is terrible.

According to the Unity Docs, “Supported file types are what your QuickTime installation can play (usually .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .asf).” Does this mean I need to get a license for Quicktime Pro (assuming it recognizes .mpegs) in order to put .mpeg’s into Unity? Are there any other solutions to my problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

You should use an uncompressed format (you can use uncompressed .avi), since Unity is going to convert it to Ogg Theora anyway. So using a compressed format will result in it being compressed twice, with the resulting loss in quality. You can also increase the Ogg Theora quality in the inspector.

Optimally you would not use either of the two, you would use uncompressed AVI and use an external ogg theora converter like Miro or one of the other free options which all use a much more modern version of the encoding library, resulting in better quality at smaller sizes (the unity import is really bad, you need to use the 8k quality to get anything that does not look horrible, with all the massive size consequences while a Miro 2k convert looks significantly better and is a fraction in size)