MtG 2013 perspective


I am working on a card game and really like the perspective used in the iPad version of Magic the Gathering 2013 (jump in to about 2 minutes).

I’ve added a ground plane (the “table”) to my scene (haven’t created two-sided cards yet - I’m assuming I should use two planes with their own textures?).

My question is: how do I achieve this type of perspective. When I add a camera, raise it about the table, and then rotate it down to point at the table, the perspective is horrible - skewed.

I’m totally new to Unity 3D so any advice would be very much appreciated.


I’m betting the issue is your Camera FieldOfView setting. Try decreasing the field of view and then bring the camera in to compensate. Through camera height, FieldOfView, and distance to the subject, you should be able to match the perspective in the video.