Multi monitor full screen displays


I’m working on a dual screen game kiosk that has two monitors, the second being a touch screen. The kiosk runs Windows XP. I’ve been trying to develop software that renders on both screens but keep running into roadblocks.

Running the application as a large borderless window isn’t viable as windows xp seems unable to cope with rendering in window mode, my frame rates drop to low single digits where in full screen mode they are in the hundreds.

Setting the kiosk display to span over the monitors, treating both displays as halves of a larger one allows the program to run at full screen at reasonable speed, but this option now means that both displays are treated as part of the touch screen which makes the touch screen unusable as it cannot be calibrated when half of its touchable display is on a regular non-touch screen. Furthermore the rest of the existing kiosk software relies on the monitors being two separate monitors so this option also seems like it isn’t viable.

I’m just wondering if there are any other options to try. I guess multi monitor full screen modes aren’t available in unity yet?


No, Unity doesn’t really support multiple monitors. There is a feature request about that here (please vote!).

The only other option I can suggest is to run two applications, communicating through local networking.