Multi-monitor with one display in portrait mode?,Multi-display with one monitor in portrait mode?

Hello all,

I’ve got three displays and I’ve successfully attached a camera in the scene to each of them. The center and right monitors are both rendered correctly. However, my left most monitor is 1200x1920 in portrait mode and when the camera is rendered to that display it doesn’t occupy the full monitor. It’s not adapting the camera to the correct resolution.

I was messing with the camera settings last night and I’ve noticed that regardless of whether I rotate the camera 90*, or change from vertical to horizontal viewpoint and adjust the field of view, the camera preview window always shows a rectangle with the longest edges being horizontal. So it looks like the camera naturally wants to assume a landscape orientation of the display it’s rendering to regardless of the actual orientation of that monitor or the resolution I set for that display within Unity. Basically I need to take that little rectangle and rotate it 90* so that it fits my monitor but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this is useful for you but I believe this is a bug in the current release. I had the same issue and managed to get something working by changing unity version to 5.6.3f1.