Multi Platform Best Practices

I’m building a cross platform PC/mobile. It obviously have to use difference resources in the mobile platforms. (smaller textures, models with less poly’s, etc.)
I’ve trying several methods of dealing with this like creating different resources folder and loading them dynamycally in the code at runtime.
This didn’t prove to be the best solution, as i found myself needing to delete some of the resources folders while making the build, and this cause the editor to lose all the meta data (like properties) in the inspector.

i’ve also trying skins, but that was but combersome, and only applied to certain aspects of the game’s GUI.

any suggestions? how do you handle cross platform development?

What we have found works is we create a scene and edit it as usual… however we have a resolution manager that saves transforms, pixel insets, active status etc per resolution. Then there’s a bake process that will export uniquely named versions of the scene into a paired baked directory.

We also utilize a build scene manager that reads a csv file and creates a list of build scenes based on the specified exports.

While this sounds like you’re creating multiple scenes to edit / manage. In reality they are transparent to the developers. All they do is export the scene and the build manager handles the bake collection.

There’s no reason you couldn’t implement a lod system that will change model/texture representations and export the scene to a new version per lod. Giving you PC/Mobile versions…