Multi & Single player support in a game?

Hi guys,

I want to allow multi player and single player in my side scroller, and i’m just learning about multi player, and had a question.

Coding a player moving script, if I code it to allow multi player, does that mean that when a user chooses single player mode, I’m going to have to have him play in LAN mode by him/herself at that point? Meaning, it’s not a true non-networked game in single player mode. It’s simply always a networked game, but single player would just play in LAN, by themself, and the game is still doing things like client commands, rpccalls, etc…

Is this how to approach the game, if that is the case now?


Good day.

It depends what you want. The game is running in user pc, bit when multiplayer, ats alsp runing on servers and onther players, and they comunicate, but the game is still running in each client pc. So, when playing singleplayer, ypu just make the code to not comunicate with servers.

Ypu should learn how netwprking works, and will see this question is ‘stupid’ (no ofense :D)!