Multi Switch Door

hi, im fairly new to unity i currently creating a basic fps project with a simple two way door system i.e a switch that destroys its assigned object im just wondering if theirs any possible way to make it so that the player has to activate multiple switches in order to open the door or destroy it im not looking for coding per say however im just looking to be pushed in the right direction. any help will be greatly appreciated.

You need to create a script (attached to the door) with as many public booleans as there are switches (or, if you rather, an public integer originally set to zero). Each time a switch is activated, change one of the bools to true (or add one to the integer) using the formula [scriptname].[varname] in a separate script. Lastly, use an if statement to check to see that all of the bools are true (or that the integer is equal to the number of switches). Then, either destroy the door (“Destroy(gameObject)”) or activate an animation for the door (Animation.Play(“/name of animation/”)).

thank you very much appreciated do you know of any tutorials or guides which could help under stand the process further since your explanation was good however i need some examples to help me put it into my context and i apologies if this is asking to much.

i do have one more question how would i go about destroying the door after all the switches have been activated as there is a { open door } in the script you provided but i just wouldnt know how to wright the object being destroyed

i ma sorry to bother once again but i would like to know if there is any way of showing the time limit maybe as a GUI to the player once again i don’t expect a solid answer a budge in the right direction would be helpful. thanks