Multi-touch on Windows 7 in Unity 3.5

Input.touches is always empty when running when running Unity on my Dell ST2220T running Windows 7 and Unity 3.5.

  • I try setting Input.multiTouchEnabled to true however when I then read the value it’s still false
  • Windows is definitely picking up multiple touches in other applications
  • I have looked through documentation and as of Unity 3.4 this is supposed to be supported

If you are still interested in multitouch in Windows 7, we have released a native solution, which does not requires TUIO or any other external program.

Windows 7 (at least i have a machine that has Windows 7 that) does support multitouch. However, most traditional PCs (at this time) do not support multitouch. You may want to go with iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, or wait until Windows 8 comes out.

OEMs will be getting Windows 8 later this year so we will probably see an omega version early next year.
You can get a beta version of Windows 8 at

uniTUIO will get you what you need until Unity adds much needed built-in support. You will need to register to gain access to the uniTUIO side to download it but it should be open for development use. It was a little bit of a pain to get going with but we were able to build an awesome game for a giant 12 point touch screen with it.

Grepping the source code of Unity 3.4.1 indicates that Windows 7’s multi-touch/gesture support is not currently used. The touchscreen support mentioned is a bit misleading - it appears to be single input mouse emulated only.

Unity 3.5 appears to handle device hotswapping, but does not appear to add any Windows 7 Touch API support.

Is there any update on the situation? I would like to use multitouch-gestures in Windows7-projects as well!

Windows 7 does not support multitouch. You could use an IOS, or Android to use the feature.