Multiplatform Graphics Best Method (2d game)

I’m currently developing a 2d side scrolling game, using layered walls generated with planes set at different z-index for parrallaxing.

I want the game to work on iphone 3gs and above, all ipads, ipod touch, and Android devices.

I currently have around 30 textures all 1024 width and various heights from 500 - 1024 pix.

My question is, would it be better to create smaller textures for smaller devices and load them into memory instead, or would it be better to enable mipmaps on these and then change the player qulaity settings depending on device?

Thanks in advance

If you are planning to develop for Android devices I think that it goes without saying that the texture size should not be as large as 1024X1024 if you want the game to runs well on as many devices as possible . Try scaling them down to 512 at least, it doesn’t look too bad even on a desktop game sometimes.

Keep the texture size of large objects, such as cars, buildings separate and make texture atlases for objects that are small. Mip mapping should almost always be on, not for GUI however.

Depending upon the device, change the quality settings and tone down the textures.

The small size of textures can always be compensated for by making good textures and even lighting.