Multiplay Price

Can you confirm this calculation/info?

I assume I need the following machine for my game;

2 CPU core

2 x 0.038 x 24 = $1.824 / day
4 x 0.0051 x 24 = $0.4896 / day

I assume this resource is enough to run 10 game instances (room). There will be 4 players in a room.

I should keep that machine running 7x24 to be available for my players. Even if no one plays my game, I will pay for CPU, RAM, and Storage. I can set scale rules and new server instances can run. I pay for new instances as long as they run. I need at least one running instance to make my game available for the players.

I have an $800 credit for 6 months (~$133 / month). After 6 months there will be no free tier for Multiply.

When I use Multiplay I need Matchmaking service, don't need relay service.

Storage is just for my build and local files for my game. It is not for the OS files.

Hey atmuc,

That is roughly correct for CPU and RAM pricing calculations. However, you will also need to include pricing estimates for Licensing (Windows only, No fee for Linux), Network, and Storage. Storage would be for the server binary as well as accompanying build files hosted on the server machine. If the server build is setup to generate local game logs, that would go into the calculation as well. Network pricing is set on egress traffic only which will accumulate as you receive more user traffic from the server binary to the user's client.

As I'm sure you've seen there is a full breakdown on our docs page below including regional pricing differences depending on where you choose to host the server.

Given the obvious potential for variance in usage, please do review your billing estimates as you go to avoid any unforeseen expenses.


Why do I only see pricing for Asia regions at

Hey @justinbo

is price calculation per project or per organization? For example, there is a free tier limit. Is this limit per project or per organization or per unity ID?

Hey Claytonious,
We have a request in with our documentation team to get these pricing tables updated with all available locations. This should get updated soon.

Hey atmuc,
The price calculation is per organization. The promotional credit will be applied on the organizational level across all enabled projects.

Hello. I've checked pricing but have no idea which server configs do I need.
I just want my game to have about 500 CCU for MMO Survival game. For example, 10 rooms with 50 players each.
How should I consider the specs for that kind of server. All these reading, writing per month and storing - I need to be such an expert and large experience to manage all these data.

A bit late but just in case: you don’t get to configure the cloud machines. Only Enterprise customers are eligible for bare metal server configurations where they can adjust every hardware detail.

A Cloud machine (at the moment) is 2 Cores @ 2.8 GHz and 8 GB RAM and you can run 1 to 100 server instances on it, depending on how demanding the server instance is (100 instance = each instance has to work with one hundredth of CPU time and memory).