Multiplayer and microphone audio streaming

Hi guys,
I have tried to wrote a script that basically take the input from the mic and stream it on a audio source. This script works perfectly on local, but when I try to make the object a network object adding network identity and making it spawned by NetworkManager, it stops to work correctly.

const int FREQUENCY = 44100;
AudioClip mic;
int lastPos, pos;

// Use this for initialization
void Start () {
    mic = Microphone.Start(null, true, 10, FREQUENCY);

    AudioSource audio = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
    audio.clip = AudioClip.Create("test", 10 * FREQUENCY, mic.channels, FREQUENCY, false);
    audio.loop = true;


// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {
    if((pos = Microphone.GetPosition(null)) > 0){
        if(lastPos > pos)    lastPos = 0;

        if(pos - lastPos > 0){
            // Allocate the space for the sample.
            float[] sample = new float[(pos - lastPos) * mic.channels];

            // Get the data from microphone.
            mic.GetData(sample, lastPos);

            // Put the data in the audio source.
            AudioSource audio = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
            audio.clip.SetData(sample, lastPos);
            if(!audio.isPlaying)    audio.Play();

            lastPos = pos;  

void OnDestroy(){

I thought the problem could be related to the network traffic, but update it’s local and as far as I know, no automatic replication is set, so it cannot be the problem, right? Can someone figure out what is the problem?

NB: I know that to assign directly the AudioClip from the microphone is the right way to do it, but it’s not the way I need it.

Nvm, I figured out the problem was the frequency rate, that is too high, but it’s not really clear to me why it is a problem only in multiplayer.