Multiplayer and MMO data compression/sending techniques

Hi all, I've got a few questions concerning about making multiplayer and MMO games. If can someone answer my questions, it would be really grateful and appreciate it.

1 - How do MMOs are made. I know that they are using 3rd party server like Photons and smartfox running on the cloud. What I mean is how do the large scale MMO handles the datas in very efficient way?

2 - For Updating all the player's characters in onw world which could be more than 100s of concurrent users and also the obstacles and other moving stuffs. How do they synchronise to match the exact scene for each player in one world. Are they just sending transformation data across all the players in 30fps way or any efficient way. I calculate that if the world contains 100s concurrent user and 100 other obstacles that could be sending millions of RPC calls per seconds which is not possible? Any efficient way to handle it?

3 - How about the physics, how are they sychrinis the physic stuffs if they contains physics charaters?

4 -Does anyone know the links and explanation more details about making MMO games .. Any kind of information would be really useful such as Megazine, Journals, Web links and books.


Hero Engine

Do a search for this, and be amazed ;-) This is the game engine BioWare is using for their SWTOR MMO, however recently, the Hero Engine has been made easily available for Indy developers. It's around $5000 US for a 25 seat license, and you can get 1 week of professional training on it for about $1000 per person.

I think we are going to see many new MMO's coming out sooner, rather then later, because of this incredible tech.

1+2) Most MMOs use clusters of servers, often ranging into the 1000s of machines for servers that support extreme amount of users (darkfall 10k+ users). Clever programming and really good network programmers are required.

3) You'll notice most MMOs don't really have much interactive physics. Physics need to be calculated on the server so it's a huge resource hog. To make it look realistic, it is also run client side but checked and compared with server data (go read some documentation on source physics, while not a mmo there's full detailed information about it.)