Multiplayer Animating

I’ve got my multiplayer script working properly so I can move around characters over the internet, but I’m not seeing any animation in the character opposite to my connection. I’m a total noob to networking and only barely managed to get the initial framework going, so would anyone mind helping me out?

I’ve checked around and haven’t been able to see any basic information on synchronizing character animation with one another. If I put 2 Network Views on a character - one with the transform and the other with the animation, animations will play but they will be the wrong animations and clip in/out randomly. Could somebody just lay down the basics on integrating character animation over a network for me?

Right. So you have a networkView with a certain ID. It needs to be the same ID over all network instances of your game for it to synchronize correctly. You set it to watch your animation script, not the animation component. In the script you’ll have a variable, it could even be a bool, that represents the animation’s state. And possibly a char that represents the animation ID, if you have more than one animation. In the method OnSerializeNetworkView you write and read these values to/from the network. Something like this, probably (c#):

void OnSerializeNetworkView (BitStream stream, NetworkMessageInfo info)
		//this is what we serialize TO the network
		if (stream.isWriting)
			bool sendPlayState = playState;
			char sendAnimID = animID;
			stream.Serialize(ref sendPlayState);
			stream.Serialize(ref sendAnimID);
		//this is what we serialize FROM the network
			bool receivePlayState = false;
			char receiveAnimID = 0;

			stream.Serialize(ref receivePlayState);
			stream.Serialize(ref receiveAnimID);

			playState = receivePlayState;
			animID = receiveAnimID;

but to in which script i have to include above one… am adding the above one in third person controll script… is it right…