Multiplayer - creating server/client non-authorative with the FPS prefab

I'm trying to create a lan multiplayer game using the FPS prefab as the player.

I can instantiate the prefab on both client and server but the problem is that in each side I'm controlling both prefabs.


Thanks for any help,

If you check out the multiplayer tutorial (the one with the Storm Trooper ) there is a script there called RigidAssign.js.

This makes sure that what you control locally is not also controlled by a network view.

You can make a script, call it FPSPrefabAssign.cs (I prefer C# for scripting) and assign it to the FPSPrefab (the prefab that you instantiate and has attached a NetworkView component).

The only thing you have to write in the FPSPrefabAssign.cs script is:

void OnNetworkInstantiate( NetworkMessageInfo msg )

    //get the script that is sent over the network through the NetworkView
    FPSNetworkSynchronizer ns= (FPSNetworkSynchronizer)GetComponent(typeof(FPSNetworkSynchronizer));

    if ( networkView.isMine )
        ns.enabled = false;
        name += "(Remote++)";
        ns.enabled = true;

Hope this helps. It is much better if you also take a look at the tutorial, you'll better understand this (possible) solution.