Multiplayer Game Player Camera not Working

I am trying to create a multiplayer game with two players where each requires their own camera. The can’t simply be parented to the player because I don’t want Player rotation to affect the camera.

Right now it works when there is one host and no clients. When there is both a host and client, the cameras follow the client player in both games.

I have looked about and have found results such as

where I used jah0’s reply as a starting point but I seem to have gotten stuck

I also looked at
and some info on the API Unity - Scripting API: Network.OnNetworkInstantiate(NetworkMessageInfo)

Here is the code I am currently using

using UnityEngine;

public class CameraFollow : MonoBehaviour {    
    public Transform playerTransform; //always gets the same player, use an array instead
    public int depth = 8;
    public int height = 10; //y component

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update() {
        if (playerTransform != null) {
            transform.position = new Vector3(playerTransform.position.x - depth, height, 0);

    public void SetTarget(Transform target) {
        playerTransform = target;

Here is what I’m doing with the player (excerpt)

public override void OnStartLocalPlayer() {

I appreciate any and all help.

I found out that it helps to deactivate and reactivate the new spawned camera in OnStartLocalPlayer().

public override void OnStartLocalPlayer() {
		Invoke ("ReactivateCam", 0.5f);

	void ReactivateCam(){
		this.gameObject.GetComponentInChildren<Camera> ().enabled = false;
		this.gameObject.GetComponentInChildren<Camera> ().enabled = true;

I don’t know why, but at my project it only worked when I had a bit of delay (Invoke…).

Hope this helped…

I think you need to look into IsLocalPlayer in order to check that scripts which control your character, and associated camera is only running on the client instance.

This is an old video, but it will show you how to convert a single player into multiplayer game, including cam tracking.