[Multiplayer]How to individualize the Player

I’m creating a MultiPlayer system, he is already ready, but now I have the problem of locating the Players.
Note: I am Brazilian, excuse my bad English.

This script it will in the Prefab of the Player.

#pragma strict
var SistemaInventario : Inventario;
var MouseLook : MouseLook;
var PlayerAux : FPSInputController;
var MorteAux : Morte;
var Player : GameObject;

function Start () {
SistemaInventario = transform.GetComponent("Inventario");
MouseLook = transform.GetComponent("MouseLook");
MorteAux = transform.GetComponent("Morte");
PlayerAux = transform.GetComponent("FPSInputController");


function Update () {
	return Player;
	return SistemaInventario;
	return MouseLook;
	return MorteAux;
	return PlayerAux;
	return transform.position;
	return transform.rotation;



I’m not used to JS but you could save the player as a prefab and use Network.Instantiate to create the player when he/she connects. You could also add the variable:

var Owner : NetworkPlayer

to keep track of who the owner of the player is and set it when you instantiate the object.
Now in the update function you can change the if-statement to:

if(Owner != Network.player){
    enabled = false;

To disable the script for anyone but the owner. (you can probebly do this some better way, like disabling it in the awake function and only enable if you are the owner. for some minor performance increase)

There are many other, possibly better, ways you can take but without knowing how you are planning to set up your game im just giving some general advice.

Hope it helps!