Multiplayer (iOS): Unity Networking or Prime31 or Both?

Looking for some best practice advice here.

I want to add multiplayer (2-4 players) to my game. I want to use Game Center to find/match up players, etc.

What I don’t quite get is this. If I use something like Prime31’s Multiplayer extension to connect players via Game Center, then do I basically lose all the Unity Networking functionality?

In other words, what is the best way to do Multiplayer with Game Center? Do you use Unity Networking clases (following Unity Multiplayer Tutorial), or do you just use something like Prime31’s “sendMessageToPeers” functions to send info about transforms, game objects etc that need to be displayed in the other players scene and write custom code to parse that and display it?

But what about the Game Center turn-based API? That handles networking and has nothing to do with leader boards