Multiplayer Join / Create Room - Map Selection


First of all, I am sorry for the long text but I am trying to explain you as much as i can so you don’t misunderstand me or deny my question. I’m making a FPS game for Lan/Multiplayer/Solo.

Host Question I’ve made Create a game, Join a game, Options, Credits and as well Quit.(START MENU) I would like to make when you create a game, that it moves you to a scene where there are 3 buttons and map texture above them, after you select a map a room will be opened with 4 slots.You’re able to start or wait for players to join, but I want to make 1 scene(Room Scene) for every host player.I mean when they make a room, the slots won’t be mixed and 4 friends can see their slots, while other 4 friends at the same time see their too.And to load the selected map.

Join Question When they press, Join a game button in start menu.I would like to make a scene where you have to type the hosts IP.Obviously host has to Port-forward to be able to host.

Thanks in advance, I hope you get me and you have a solution. P.S, I know a solution but the join and host script is a problem for me.

Have u find any answer yet??