Multiplayer Lobby Design Feedback

So I am developing a lobby system for my game that involves the following:

  1. Player clicks a lobby button.
  2. Player is connected to server, server verifies connection.
  3. Lobby displays if there are at least 1-4 players available in lobby (reads from player array which is array the globally has all players who have joined the lobby)
  4. These are the following scenarios:
    a. If there are less than 4 players, player manually decides when to start the game. If the player is by themselves and the player hits play button, the server will send the player to a multiplayer room with AI.
    b. If there are 2-3 players and player hits play button, the players are sent to the multiplayer room.
    c. If there are 4 players, server automatically sends all 4 players to room.

It it preferable that the rooms have all 4 players, but want to balance that and waiting too long to get a 4 player room, thus leaving options for less players. I am open to feedback/ constructive criticism, and see what options I have.

  • Join running game
  • Voting system for lobby
  • AI toggle box
  • Setting for pref max waiting time
  • Queue game with AI / Training room
  • Recall method for single run into full lobby