Multiplayer online game in Webgl


Can WebGL build support Unity3d Networking. If not what is the better way of making a Multiplayer online game in Unity3d, the output must be a WebGL build.


Not in the same way, the documentation about webgl covers this, you should go and read. You will need another library to do it. Sandboxing in a browser removes the ability to use .net sockets or unity’s implementation.

WebGL build will not support Unity3d Networking (Network, NetworkView, RPC and so). I am in the same situation. I think I have to use the only WWW class for all client2server and server2clients communications to send and receive all player state (location, rotation, animation and so) over the network using the directives like #if !UNITY_WEBGL use (ie RPC) #else use WWW #endif.

Why not? I read in the documentation:

Using Unity Networking Unity Networking supports WebGL by enabling
communication via the WebSockets
protocol. See