Multiplayer Problem

Ok guys im back with another problem

ok so recently i started making a multiplayer game with Photon Cloud
everything worked normal even multiplayer with my brother :smiley:
ok so then i realised that when i play the sit animation the camera is where it was when i was standing
so then i realised that i had camera attached to the first person controller or my player
so then i attached my camera to the head of the player
ok my player scripts are made like so Camera,playermovement,characterController are disabled on the start so i don’t controll other player when i play on lan
but as soon as i attached the camera to the head it stopped working.
when i play the game i get black screen (what means that the camera didn’t enable on the start…) :frowning:
it should enable the camera as soon as the player spawns as so with the other scripts
i don’t know if its wrong with the camera or script
but i really need to have camera attached to the head
So please if someone had the problem and he solved it if he can help me whit this
im realy bad with scripting :stuck_out_tongue:

Lp Tone20

Ok yea so when you mentioned about how i made the script all i did was folowing the tutorials from this guy
Thats the problem im having