Multiplayer Question before I get started

So, I have made a basic multiplayer. Nothing to it. Just 2 capsules walking around From different computers. But, I want to take this to the next level! Individuality: I want each Person to be individual (being able to pick things up just for him), And I have an idea how to do this but Am asking you guys if you think its the best (and relatively easy) here’s a basic Script I just thought up now for my idea “if(Player.Active == true){ Players++;” Second Script “If(Players == 0){ Player1 = true;” You know, something like that. Then It could Define PLayer1, PLayer2 So on. Would there be a different/Better way? Thanks in advance.

Hi, Well the way I would do it would be to create booleans and set the game objects onto these. So the two booleans would be forplayer1 and forplayer2. These would be set onto the gameibjects for the players and then in the same script I would have 2 if statements to allow a certain player to pick up a certain object. I would write you a script for it but I’m not that good at coding I’m more of a designer.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I would just attach a separate script to each player, and in it check if(networkView.isMine).