Multiplayer Question

Hello Unity3D i have a question about Local Multiplayer?How would i Go on of making the Local multiplayer on 1 single pc?For Example.I am making a 4 player split screen fighting game,and i need to know in order to get 4 people to select a character for each of them.Should i make four scenes that controls the camera and the character select,In example.If i select 1 player mode the camera is in default view and i am in a scene called 1 player mode and i only get scripts for that one player.If i select 2 player mode the camera is split in half and i am in a scene called 2 player mode and i got scripts for both player one and player two and if i select player 3 mode and 4 player mode theirs scenes called 3 player mode and 4 player mode and the cameras and scripts are also fitted in those modes depending on which one was selected Is this the way that i should make the 4 player mode happen or is there another way of doing this?Also should i make four of the same characters and label them as player 1 player 2 player 3 and player 4 and put the player scripts for each of the players depending on which scene got selected?If anyone knows what i can do for this?Can you PLEASE!!! tell me what i can do?I have been stuck on this for months Dx

I found a walkthrough by FredZvt81 that gives information on this process and even has a sample project.

In terms of scene creation, I believe you would only need one scene and would instantiate each camera at the same time as the player (each player having its own camera). Using scripting, you would then need to adjust the ViewPort Rect on each camera based on how many players join and how you want the screens set up.