Multiplayer Questions

Hey all. I’ve started coding with unity (C#) and I’m trying to build a multi player game.
I’ve managed to create a server, to connect to it and use the network view. I still have problems -

  1. What is the easiest way to identify the players? To know who is making the moves?
  2. Can I make objects in a way that they will be in way texture for one player and another texture for another?


GitHub - anchan828/unity-network-sample: Unityのネットワークサンプルを簡略化したもの it’s an possible start point
Network.AllocateViewID() I use to assign (via RPCs) the unique ID to each clone on all machines, but I am not sure is the best and simple way. Along of this ViewID use a material ID on RPCs, than the clone will have specific texture.