Multiplayer Server Networking- Player Server Hosting

Hello, I was wondering if it is at all possible to have players host their own servers like some indie games (e.g. Minecraft). What I mean by this is instead of me paying to host servers for my game then allowing my players to play on these servers, I have the player download a server setup file (or something) and they have the option to have a server set up with their own computer. The server owners will then have the ability to define settings for their particular server, and others will be able to choose the server they wish to play on. Is this possible in Unity?


P.S. I know practically nothing about multilayer networking FYI ;)

Found the answer right here:

The server can either be a dedicated host machine for everyone, or a player running the game acting as the server for other players. Once a server has been established and a client has connected to it, the two computers can exchange data necessary for a multiplayer network game.

That is entirly up to you. You create the client and the server and are free to distribute it to who ever you wish. That means people can, like you say, download your server and host it on there PC/Laptop/Servers and edit settings/plugins/etc to do what they wish witht he server.

Think Half-Life Dedicated Server/etc. Read a bit into that and you can basically do what they do :)