Multiplayer Templates release thread [Netcode For GameObjects]

We are pleased to to announce a new release of Small Scale Competitive Multiplayer Template! (for Unity 2022.3)

Small Scale Competitive Multiplayer Template v1.2.0 Release

Getting Started:

  • Unity Hub > New Project > Small Scale Competitive Multiplayer > Create Project
  • Follow User Manual

New Features:

  • Added official Input System package, and added support for both legacy and new input systems.
  • Added feedback form to Table Of Contents
  • Added a link to the Unity Gaming Services' page in the Table Of Contents
  • Added template-specific documentation link in Table Of Contents, to help setting up Unity Gaming Services as intended.


  • Enabled "dedicated server optimizations" otpion in Player settings for Dedicated Server Build target.
  • The "production" environment (instead of "dev") is used by default by Unity Gaming Services, since that's the only environment available on newly created project in the Unity Dashboard.
  • Updated package to the latest stable version


  • Fixed "Server port" field not visibile in the Bootstrapper if autoconnect mode was "Server" or "Host".
  • Fixed player being stuck in a waiting screen if the opponent leaves the matchmaker queue while the game server is being instantiated. If the opponent doesn't show up in a reasonable time, the player will go back to the matchmake

If you experience any issues or would like to share feedback with the development team, you can connect with us either via the Multiplayer Forum or on Discord.

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