Multiplayer - What do i have to pay for?,Multiplayer - What do I have to pay for?

Im planning to make a multiplayer game in which players can join a world with steam invites. So when Player X invites Player Y, a server is getting started on Player X’s machine with the world he is currently in. Player X and Player Y both conenct to the Server hosted by Player X.

So now my question is: What do I have to pay for. I was reading about 0,49 per GB used by the Matchmaker and Relay Server. But the fact that confuses me is that Unity says that im limited to 500 users at the same time and 50000 per month. Or is this just an expectation for how many players can play?

And another Problem: The calculation makes no sense for me. Unity says that the Total bandwidth/month is esimated as 1,22 GB. And one GB costs 0,49 . But when i multiply 1,22GB with 0,49, it doesnt cost 29,98$.

So I would be happy if anyone could explain the whole unity multiplayer pricing situation for me.

PS: Sorry that my English is not that good, im from germany :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your attention!
Best regards, Tim!

I don’t believe you have to pay for anything unless you’re making a dedicated server