Multiplayer Working fine at one place but not other place


I am in strange problem. My game is working fine with multiplayer at my location, but at client location its not working. We’ve checked network and everything is fine. Most strange part is a build which I sent 2 days ago is still working fine at the other side, but if they run present build multiplayer is not working.

I don’t have any idea what to do in this situation, As build is working fine at my side but not at client side.One Version old build is still working fine at both sides. End machines are good in Hardware configuration and network is fine as earlier build is running quite well (even now).

Please help me out on this. Never seen such problem.

Unless you specify how it’s ‘not working’ I doubt you’ll have much luck with finding a solution here.

Also what steps have you already taken to find the source of the problem yourself, e.g. debug logging, setting breakpoints etc. etc.?

I’d also suggest this might be better posted as a thread in the Networking section of the forums.

lets assume everything internally in your builds are the same as you say, If the builds are differently named I’d check your firewall to make sure this newer build is in your exceptions.