I have made a fun movement system and am looking to make my game multiplayer so that I can make a simple party-game type of tag thing. I looked at tutorials and got started with mirror, but I’m really lost. All of the tutorials that I can find are about STARTING a project that is going to be multiplayer. I am looking to CONVERT what is now singleplayer to multiplayer. Is this really that difficult? If anybody experienced with multiplayer could let me know where to start, that would be great. Should I use mirror, photon, or something else? What do I need to do to convert the movement and look scripts for my player to multiplayer-ready? I just want multiple players to be able to connect and move and look around. Thank you.

I recommend Photon Bolt, and they have a discord for questions but you should do the advanced tutorial on your own first. It’s pretty simple to work with and get started with. It would also let your player’s host their own games locally instead of being forced to go straight to server orchestration (server instances).

Just don’t try to do everything extra that you need via Commands, do the adv tutorial and then copy what it has for your project and then use Global Events (very easy to implement) for whatever else you need. Commands can be hard to understand and you should just copy exactly what the adv tutorial has until you understand things better. Use global events for picking up or interacting with the world, and when instantiating objects let the server/host do that and have clients send events to the server.

Ok, I am going to get started with the advanced tutorial. Thank you for the simplified answer, as I am just looking for an easy way to get multiplayer up and running. I will most likely figure this out through the tutorial or later on, but do you know if player contact is easy to detect through code? Will player rigidbodies interact properly with each other automatically?