Multiple actions bind to the same keyboard key do not trigger

Hi, I am having issues with the same key bound to multiple actions while using a “new” input system and input actions asset199856-multiplebinds.png

Somehow, when pressing any keyboard key bound to multiple actions only one launches a callback (like the Q key in the pic above). Also when using a gamepad the issue does not occur, so all actions bound to i.e. the left trigger are launching correctly…

Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong or where to look?

We had a similar issue and it turned out to be caused by the “Shortcut Support” introduced in version 1.4.0. Specifically for keyboard “higher complexity” (i.e. multiple button) bindings will consume “lower complexity” ones. This can be disabled globally by using InputSystem.settings.SetInternalFeatureFlag("DISABLE_SHORTCUT_SUPPORT", true);

See the Actions portion of 1.4.0’s changelog for more details.

This is it! Thanks!


For me, this flag is not working.

I put it in the Start of a MonoBehaviour but still, only one action is triggered for the same keys.

Any idea?