Multiple Android Manifests in one project

Hi! I’m recently published an app to Google play, but my app doesn’t appears in Google Play search after 24 hours.

In my project I have Google Play Services and PlayAds packages imported. With these two, I have in total 5 files named AndroidManifest. It’s normal? Or I need to have only one? I’m thinking my app doesn’t show in Google Play search because this…


You should have one that is the merged version of what everything needs. Easy to check though. Rename your .apk to .zip and open it and see what manifest finally made it into your build.

to tell you the truth the file is bit strange to read. But is only one.


When I rename the apk file, the AndroidManifest is not correct ( with weird characters ). I used this tool to decode the .apk file:

With this the .apk is correct.

This may be coming late, but you can help other people out there with problem of two plugin conflicting in Androidmanifest.xml in unity project. You can check my answer to this thread, i was able to solve mine.